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The Art of Discipleship Weekend Training

Sat, October 14 | 6:00 PM | East Campus, 15201 Shelbyville Road
The Art of Discipleship is a weekend training designed to move Highview members from "disciple" to "disciple-maker." At the Art of Discipleship training, you will be equipped with vision and tools to intentionally make disciples in your area of influence.


Cheston Pickard

Connecting in Community

In community groups, we learn how to apply scripture to everyday life through growing relationships with Jesus and others. We invite you to find a group to truly begin experiencing life with Jesus and His people. Visit the Welcome Center or go to for more information on getting plugged into a community group.


Maria McCarty

Weekly Giving

Giving Update: Sunday, 9/17 Budget Missions
Weekly Goal $113,550.00 $5,450.00
Weekly Giving $103,413.80 $1,590.00
Y-T-D Goal $4,080,900.00 $207,100.00
Y-T-D Giving $4,080,174.59 $102,748.17