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To support others going on a mission trip, or to make payment for you own mission trip, click the link below.

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We have an easy to use online giving platform. To give, click “GIVE NOW” below.

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You can give without an account, but creating an account provides several benefits, including saving your personal information and payment options, viewing giving history, and creating recurring giving options. To register, click "REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT" below.

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Automate Your Giving

An easy way to remain obedient with your giving is by setting up an automatic recurring gift. Click "CREATE A RECURRING GIFT" and follow the prompts to set up a gift every week, two weeks, bi-monthly, or monthly.

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Check Your Giving History

Once you register for an account, you will have access to your Giving History. Your Giving History includes all forms of giving whether by cash, check, or any of our digital methods such as online or a lobby kiosk. If you need to print an annual contribution statement, you can print a statement from Giving History. To check your Giving History, click “GIVING HISTORY” below.

Giving History

Other Ways to Give


    An opportunity for giving is part of each Sunday morning worship service. During this time of worship, you may give with cash or by check (payable to Highview Baptist Church). If you prefer your gift to be in an envelope those are usually available in the church lobby. If you prefer the traditional tithing envelopes, with your name and address preprinted, you can receive a supply by mail once per quarter. If you would like to request preprinted envelopes or you need to discontinue your envelope service, please email us at or call the church office at (502) 239-7711.


    If you want to give on Sunday morning but you don’t have cash or a check, we have an iPad Kiosk Giving Station in the lobby. Log-in with your phone number, enter your gift and swipe a credit or debit card. It’s quick, simple and secure. If you only use this method occasionally, it becomes part of your giving history available for you to see online.


    Church on Sunday; Engagement every day. The Highview Baptist Church custom app allows you to stay informed 24/7 by giving you mobile access to bulletin announcements, events, sermons and online giving.

    Online giving using our church app offers the mobile version of our website giving experience. Giving through the app is easy and secure. You can give once or set up a recurring gift. See your giving history anytime using your online login.

    The Highview Baptist Church app is available for iOS and Android devices. Search for “Highview Baptist Church”.

  • Text-to-Give

    Text any amount to (502) 200-8855. Quite possibly the easiest way to give.

    The first time you text a gift to Highview the system will prompt you to enter some personal info so we can match your gift with your profile in our church database. You’ll also need to provide a payment method – bank account or credit card. After the initial setup, all future text-to-give transactions will literally take seconds. Texted gifts appear in your giving history almost immediately. Create an online login to see your giving history anytime.

    All amounts texted will go to the general budget as your tithe, unless designated otherwise. If you want to designate a gift to missions or the building fund simple type the word “missions” or “building” before or after the dollar amount (with a space or without, doesn’t matter).


    For all campuses, you can mail your gift by check (payable to Highview Baptist Church) to the following address:

    Highview Baptist Church
    7711 Fegenbush Lane
    Louisville, KY 40228


    Many banks offer their customers the ability to have funds automatically drafted from an account in order to be mailed to a recipient (such as a church) on a recurring basis. Please contact your personal bank if you wish to pursue this option to set up Highview Baptist Church as a new payee.


    Appreciated marketable securities such as stocks, mutual funds, or bonds are a great way to maximize your giving because you receive an immediate income tax deduction for the full market value of your securities, if they have been held for at least one full year.

    How to Give:
    • A gift of stock, mutual funds or bonds are usually transferred electronically from the donor’s broker to the church’s broker.
    • Often your broker will have a form you use to give them instructions on what securities you desire to transfer. Call you broker for the required form.
    • Your broker will also need the instructions for how to send your securities electronically to Highview’s broker. To receive these electronic transfer instructions please email our church Operations Pastor, Chip Evans, at
    • Once you initiate a stock transfer to Highview’s broker please let Chip Evans know so that we can send you the appropriate income tax receipt for the gift. The income tax receipt (which is a letter from Highview) is your official tax receipt. Non-cash gifts in the form of securities do not appear on your annual contribution statement or on the giving history available online.
    • If you have questions about gifts of securities, please email or call our Operations Pastor, Chip Evans, at (502) 239-7711 or


    We are using the term “Giving Fund” to describe what’s known as a donor-advised fund. A donor-advised fund is like a charitable investment account for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations you care about. You can invest most any type of asset into a donor-advised fund and you are usually eligible to take an immediate tax deduction but then you can distribute the funds to IRS-qualified charities over a timeline you prefer (even over many years if you prefer).

    If you have questions or you’d like help with a donor-advised fund, please email or call our Operations Pastor, Chip Evans, at (502) 239-7711 or


    In addition to stocks or bonds, you can donate real estate and business interests before the sale and reduce taxes and send more to charities. You can donate trusts, retirement accounts and cars. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of giving any type of non-cash gift please email or call our Operations Pastor, Chip Evans, at (502) 239-7711 or


    We are using the term “Planned Giving” to describe a charitable donation made at death as part of the donor’s overall financial or estate planning. For example, upon the death of a donor, a charity might receive a percentage of your estate value or be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

    Highview has formed a ministry partnership with PhilanthroCorp to provide comprehensive estate planning assistance to Highview members. To learn more about personalized estate planning assistance with PhilanthroCorp, visit the link below or email our Operations Pastor, Chip Evans, at

    Legacy Planning

Giving Online

A short tutorial explaining the basic steps to make a contribution, set up an account, and configure recurring giving on our website.